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  • dacryocyst — SYN: lacrimal sac. [dacryo + G. kystis, sac] * * * dac·ryo·cyst dak rē ə .sist n LACRIMAL SAC * * * dac·ryo·cyst (dakґre o sist″) [dacryo + cyst] the lacrimal sac …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocyst — dac·ry·o·cyst …   English syllables

  • dacryocyst — noun either of the two dilated ends of the lacrimal ducts at the nasal ends of the eyes that fill with tears secreted by the lacrimal glands • Syn: ↑lacrimal sac, ↑tear sac • Hypernyms: ↑vesicle, ↑cyst • Part Holonyms: ↑lacrimal apparatus …   Useful english dictionary

  • dacryocystalgia — Pain in the lacrimal sac. [dacryocyst + G. algos, pain] * * * dac·ryo·cys·tal·gia (dak″re o sis talґjə) [dacryocyst + algia] pain in a lacrimal sac …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystectomy — Surgical removal of the lacrimal sac. [dacryocyst + G. ektome, excision] * * * dac·ryo·cys·tec·to·my .dak rē (.)ō sis tek tə mē n, pl mies excision of a lacrimal sac * * * dac·ryo·cys·tec·to·my (dak″re o sis tekґtə me) [dacryocyst +… …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystocele — Enlargement of the lacrimal sac with fluid. SYN: dacryocele. [dacryocyst + G. kele, hernia] * * * dac·ryo·cys·to·cele (dak″re o sisґto sēl) [dacryocyst + cele1] hernial protrusion of the lacrimal sac; called also dacryocele.… …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystorhinostomy — An operation providing an anastomosis between the lacrimal sac and the nasal mucosa through an opening in the lacrimal bone. [dacryocyst + G. rhis (rhin ), nose, + stoma, mouth] * * * dac·ryo·cys·to·rhi·nos·to·my …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystotomy — Incision of the lacrimal sac. [dacryocyst + G. tome, incision] * * * dac·ryo·cys·tot·o·my sis tät ə mē n, pl mies incision (as for drainage) of a lacrimal sac * * * dac·ryo·cys·tot·o·my (dak″re o sis totґə me) [dacryocyst + tomy]… …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystitis — Inflammation of the lacrimal sac. [dacryocyst + G. itis, inflammation] * * * dac·ryo·cys·ti·tis sis tīt əs n inflammation of the lacrimal sac * * * n. inflammation of the lacrimal sac (in which tears collect), usually occurring when the duct… …   Medical dictionary

  • dacryocystogram — A radiograph of the lacrimal apparatus obtained after injection of contrast material for the purpose of determining the presence of and localizing a site of obstruction; this procedure has been largely replaced by the CT and MRI. [dacryocyst + G …   Medical dictionary

  • sac — 1. A pouch or bursa. SYN: saccus [TA]. SEE ALSO: sacculus. 2. An encysted abscess at the root of a tooth. 3. The capsule of a tumor, or envelope of a cyst. [L. saccus, a …   Medical dictionary

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